The Baby Name Sunya

sunyaOne of the top baby name debuts of 1927 was the name Sunya.

Where did it come from?

The Love of Sunya (1927), a silent film that starred Gloria Swanson as Sunya Ashling, a young American woman who uses a crystal ball to see different versions of her future.

The movie wasn’t a commercial success, but it inspired a handful of expectant parents to name their baby girls Sunya nonetheless:

  • 1930: not listed
  • 1929: 7 baby girls named Sunya
  • 1928: 5 baby girls named Sunya
  • 1927: 14 baby girls named Sunya [debut]
  • 1926: not listed

After this, the name stayed off the list until mid-century. It’s popped back onto the list intermittently ever since.

Source: IMDB

P.S. Want to watch the film? It’s on YouTube — start here [vid].

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