Mid-Century Baby Names Trendy in NSW, Australia

Baby names that were popular in New South Wales the 1940s and ’50s have become trendy again in the last few years, says Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

The paper checked 20 baby names that were popular mid-century and found that most — including Henry, Evelyn and Matilda — have seen in increase in usage since 2002. “Only the Biblical moniker Samuel and the girl’s name Beatrice showed a decline” within the last decade.

So are today’s parents being inspired by their family trees? Apparently not.

Mark McCrindle of McCrindle Research says, “[I]t’s not so much as people going back through the family archives and saying there was a George in there, let’s name our kid George, but people looking for a bit of substance and a little bit of class.”

To drive this point home, the article mentioned two families that chose family names for their babies accidentally.

Both Mabel [O’Grady-Prouse] and Archie [Buckley]’s parents were surprised to later discover previous generations of their families had chosen the exact same names.

“We were looking for a classic name but still unique,” said Kim O’Grady.

“After we announced we had named our baby Mabel, my dad mentioned to me that my great grandmother’s name was also Mabel, which made our choice even more special.”

I find it so strange that a parent who wants a “classic” name for her daughter doesn’t think to take even a cursory look at the family tree first.

Here are the most popular baby names in NSW right now.

Source: Goodbye Lotus-Moon, hello Mabel – baby names from the 40s and 50s are making a resurgence

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