Family in Australia with 15 Children

Jeni and Ray Bonell of Queensland recently welcomed their 15th child. As of right now, theirs is the largest family in Australia.

Here are the names and ages of all 15 kids:

  • Jesse, 21 years old
  • Brooke, 20
  • Claire, 18
  • Natalie, 16
  • Karl, 15
  • Samuel, 13
  • Cameron, 11
  • Sabrina, 10
  • Timothy, 8
  • Brandon, 6
  • Eve, 5
  • Nate, 4
  • Rachel, 3
  • Eric, 18 months
  • Damian, 3 months

And now here’s the game: If you could change 3 of the 15 names above, which 3 would you replace, and what would the new names be?

Source: Largest Family in Australia Is a Queensland Couple With 15 Children

3 Responses to Family in Australia with 15 Children

  1. You know, I wouldn’t change any. Normally in sibsets with a large age gap between youngest and oldest the name styles between the older and younger kids clash, but this set is pretty cohesive. They sound like sibling names, and they didn’t go overly matchy either. Well done :-)

  2. Nice answer! You make a good point.

    I think if I were going to change 3 names, it wouldn’t be b/c of style. You’re right — they did a good job with that.

    I’d change Nate first, because it’s so close to Natalie. I imagine his full name is Nathan, so I’d make him a Jonathan and shorten it to Jon.

    Then I’d change Cameron, because it echoes Damian a bit too much. I also prefer names that are more gender-specific. I’m guessing this Cameron is a boy, so I’d change his name to Colton.

    Third…huh. I don’t know. Maybe Jesse, because of the gender specificity thing again. (Though most females with the name actually spell it Jessie.) This Jesse is probably a boy, so I’d make him a James or a Jacob instead.

  3. I think I’d change Claire, Karl, and Sabrina. I feel like Sabrina doesn’t fit, and the other two I simply don’t care for. I think I’d replace them with: Dana, Benjamin, and Amanda.

    So the new line-up would be:
    Jesse, Brook, Dana, Natalie, Benjamin, Samuel, Cameron, Amanda, Timothy, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, and Damian.

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