Someone Fact-Checks a Baby Name Claim, Finally

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was a guest on the Daily Show a few weeks ago. While talking to host Jon Stewart about the growing Latino population in the U.S., Ramos claimed that “the most popular name is no longer John or Steven. It’s Jose, Camilo and Maria of course.”

Now, the Daily Show is a comedy show — Ramos also joked there’d be “more tortillas than hamburger buns” thanks to the changing demographic — but the people at PunditFact were curious enough about Ramos’s offhand name claim to do some digging.

First they got in touch with Ramos. He said he’d been speaking with “states like California and Texas in mind, not so much the entire United States. And he thought he was talking about which names were more popular (as a comparison), not the most popular overall.”

Then PunditFact checked the SSA data — you can see all the details in their Truth-o-Meter post about Ramos’s claim.

Their conclusion?

Ramos said that the most popular names are no longer John or Steven, but Jose, Camilo and Maria. Afterward, Ramos said he was thinking of states with large Hispanic populations.

With that caveat, he has a bit of a point. In states with the highest percentage of Hispanics, Jose beats out John and Steven. Camilo and Maria are not really contenders. None of these names are the most popular in any state.

We rate the claim Mostly False.

“Mostly False” — nice!

A lot of media people don’t bother to check baby name-related claims, even though the facts are easy to find. Kudos to PunditFact for calling Ramos out on this one.

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