Baby Names With “Love”

baby names with love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Looking for a baby name that makes you think of love? Here’s a list of names with “love” — names that literally contain the letter sequence l-o-v-e — and links to their popularity graphs:

So do you “love” any of the above? :)

P.S. Two real-life Valentine’s Day babies for you: Valerie Valentine (b. 1951) & Val N. Tines (b. 1953).

5 thoughts on “Baby Names With “Love”

  1. My second son’s name is Eros the (Greek god of love) so I feel like today is sort of his day!

    P.S… A couple of years ago you helped me with a post about naming my first son, Atlas.

  2. I love Clover and Lovelace. I could see myself naming a daughter with the middle name Lovelace, after Ada Lovelace.

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