Some Traditional Navajo Names

If you have an interest in Navajo names, check out the 13-minute video VLog: Navajo “Baby Names” & Navajo Naming Concepts by YouTube user Daybreakwarrior.

He mentions a bunch of names — I won’t list all of them here, but I will list the traditional, war-related names. For males, these names start with Hashké [pronounced hush-keh], which literally means “angry,” but in the context of names means “warrior.” For females, these names end with Baa’ [pronounced bah] meaning “raider” or “female warrior.”

Each link will take you to the spot in the video where you can hear that particular name being pronounced.

Male Navajo Names Female Navajo Names
Hashké Ahoo’nił, “warrior who advances”
Hashké Dilwo’ii, “running warrior”
Hashké Haayá, “warrior who came out (of something)”
Hashké Naabaah, “warrior who raids”
Hashké Neiniihí, “warrior who hands things out”
Hashké Yił Naabaah, “fights with anger”
Ádeezbaa’, “she leads the raid”
Ahééníbaa’, “she raided in a circular formation”
Bíjiibaa’, “they met her in a raid”
Ch’íníbaa’, “she came out raiding”
Taazbaa’, “she raided among them”

Daybreakwarrior’s Navajo name, Hashké Yiłkaigo Ííyá, means, unsurprisingly, “daybreak warrior.” His grandmother chose the name for him because he was born early in the morning.

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