NOTY 2014 – Your Final Four?

Here’s a rare weekend post just to let you know that the annual Name of the Year contest has begun! This year, it’s being hosted at Deadspin.

Go take a look at the bracket and give me your picks for the final four. Here are mine:

  • Bulltron Regional: Curvaceous Bass
  • Sithole Regional: Wubbo Ockels
  • Dragonwagon Regional: Poopa Dweck
  • Chrotchtangle Regional: Shitavious Cook

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7 Responses to NOTY 2014 – Your Final Four?

  1. I was amazed to see that Australian rugby league player, Fuifui Moimoi, was one of the names included for voting.

    His name is Tongan for “love love” – to mean “greatly loved”.

    His name is one of the funnest to say I have ever heard. People go out of their way to say his name.

  2. I thought those names could not possibly be for real. the first poster has apparently proven me quite wrong.

    I will make excuses for someone whose name comes from another language, since they are trying to preserve their cultural heritage with the name.

    But I do not think that Airwrecka is an attempt to preserve any sort of cultural heritage. It seems more of an attempt to ruin it. Erica is perfectly decent and fine.

  3. @Dellitt – I’ve often thought a NOTY name couldn’t possibly be real…only to be proven wrong, again and again. :)

    @Anna – Thanks for the background on Fuifui! Just noticed that he has a Wikipedia page as well: Fuifui Moimoi.

  4. I didn’t realise the names were international, so a surprise.

    Fuifui goes by Fui in everyday life – pronounced FOO-ee.

  5. They’re down to 8, and half my top 4 (Curvaceous and Shitavious) are still standing…

  6. Strange to see the name of astronaut and fellow Dutchman Wubbo Ockels on the list. Totally normal name here.

  7. And the winner is Shamus Beaglehole.

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