Embarrassing Baby Names

Embarrassing baby names like Bland, Gross, Ham, Strange, Mutt and Oral.

Embarrassing Baby Names

Many of these have pop culture explanations. The ones I’ve blogged about so far are Bimbo, Chubby, Kookie, Twig, and Velveeta.

Here are some of the baby names that didn’t make the cut: Boomer, Bub, Bubber, Calamity, Cookie, Dainty, Danger, Demon, Fancy, Fester, Jinx, Less, Little, Manly, Notorious, Phuc, Pleasure, Rage, Riot, Savage, Sherlock, Sparky, Tarzan, Tiny.

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5 thoughts on “Embarrassing Baby Names

  1. Yeah, some of these would be really difficult to live with I think.

    I could see Caress as a variant of Carys.

    Usage of Caress spiked in 1986, the year a character named Caress was introduced on Dynasty (also a baby name!). So that’s probably the main influence here.

    The brand name Caress (those scented body washes — “Before you dress, Caress”) may have been an influence as well.

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