3 Baby Names in the News

Three quick stories from the news:

1. In February, paramedics in Oceanside, California, helped save the life of a baby boy born seven weeks early and without a heartbeat. The baby was given the first name Zavier and the two middle names Stephan and Morgan, in honor of paramedic Steven Choi and fire Capt. Glen Morgan.

2. In April, police officer Nelson Hearns of Canford, New Jersey, responded to a call regarding a sick pregnant woman. He ended up delivering a baby boy in the woman’s living room. The baby was given the first name Kase and the middle name Nelson.

3. Also in April, doctor Michelle Kennedy was walking through Hackney (part of London) when she happened to come across a woman in labor inside a car parked on the roadside. She ended up delivering the baby in the front seat of the woman’s VW Polo. The baby was given the first name Oriana and the middle name Kennedy.

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2 thoughts on “3 Baby Names in the News

  1. i cant help take away that while still a wonderful gesture naming a child after those that helped save them….the parents pick and choose which name of the savior is worthy, Glenn and Michelle didnt make the cut. Michelle does feel dated to me, but i have been loving Glenn.

  2. One more from February, found thanks to Zeffy:

    A woman named Polly McCourt gave birth to a baby girl on a Manhattan sidewalk (after someone stole her cab to the hospital!). One of the bystanders who assisted her was named Isabelle, so she and her husband decided to name the baby Ila Isabelle.

    Mrs. McCourt said: ‘She was meant to be Ila Polly… but now she’s Ila Isabelle. We’re very happy with it.’

    The couple also have a son Conor, six, and a four-year-old daughter Adele.

    Source: ‘Someone took my cab!’

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