33% of Germans: Baby Naming “Very Easy”

The German Language Society (GfdS) surveyed 962 parents last year about the names of their children. Some of the GfdS’s findings were revealed in a February press release, though in order to “highlight the current trends” the GfdS only considered the responses of the 244 parents whose oldest children were not yet 18 in the release.

According to the Gfds…

  • About 33% of parents said choosing a baby name was very easy. About 50% said it was somewhat easy. Only 2% said it was very hard.
  • Nearly 75% of parents said the most important factor in choosing a baby name was that the name sound good. This percentage changed when talking about girl names only (79%) vs. boy names only (65%).
  • Nearly 33% of parents said baby name inspiration came from family, friends or acquaintances. Nearly 20% said they chose names in advance. About 15% said they found names in books. About 1% said they found names on the internet.

That 1% surprised me. Then again, some of the names in question were bestowed nearly 2 decades ago. Not everyone was online in the ’90s, and those who were online wouldn’t have had many name sites to choose from. (For context, BabyNames.com and BehindtheName.com were both started in 1996.) So, considering the sample, maybe 1% isn’t too surprising after all.

Source: Ästhetische Kriterien sind bei der Vornamenwahl besonders wichtig

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