Nine Years of Nancy’s Baby Names

Happy blogiversary, Nancy’s Baby Names!

Nancy Joyce Darken, upside-down and tap dancing, Chicago, 1937

I’m a day late, but that’s ok — at least I remembered it this year. :)

I launched Nancy’s Baby Names on March 6, 2006, so yesterday the blog officially turned nine years old.

Many thanks to everyone who reads along, and especially to those who comment and send emails. You guys are awesome. You make this worthwhile.

That image above comes from an old issue of LIFE. I bookmarked it, not knowing how I’d ever work it into a post, but now I know.

It’s 6-year-old Nancy Joyce Darken of Chicago, standing on her head, tap-dancing on the ceiling of a wooden box-like apparatus with her name (and my name!) at the top. “She did this for a Chicago radio broadcast June 13, took both the studio and her audience by storm.”

My hope for year 10 is that I can continue to entertain you guys just like Nancy Joyce entertained those radio listeners nearly 80 years ago. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Image: “She is tap-dancing on the ceiling.” LIFE 28 Jun. 1937: 68.

13 thoughts on “Nine Years of Nancy’s Baby Names

  1. Love the photo and your blog. Congratulations — and keep up the good work! Your research is amazing, just like little Nancy pictured here!

  2. I did a quick search for more information on little Nancy to see what became of this uniquely talented little girl. She was born on 26 March 1931 to Danish parents (both born in Denmark), Henry and Ellen. In the 1940 census, when Nancy was 9, they had a second child, Elwood, 2. (Perhaps named after his mother?) Nancy changed the spelling of her name to Nanci when she was a teenager. She married in 1953. Did she continue dancing? I found nothing more about her.

  3. Thank you, everyone!

    And thanks for the background, Patricia! Love that you were able to find out that she changed the spelling of her name. She’s a perfect fit for this place after all. :)

    She’s mentioned in Elwood’s obit as “Nanci D. Buck.” Looks like she does ministry work now. I wonder if she does any of it from an upside-down position…

  4. Nancy/Nanci Darken DID keep dancing. She says in the website for the church she and her husband Rev. Lawrence “Larry” Buck founded, “…we met in New York City where Larry was an Account Executive in television and I was a dancer on television and in Broadway shows.”

    It seems that Nanci Darken later became just “Nan”, as that’s the name given in her husband Rev. Lawrence “Larry” Buck’s 2011 obituary. They had two daughters, Georginna and Candace.

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