Baby Named After Dodge Pickup Truck

In late January, Nika Guilbault of British Columbia, Canada, gave birth to twins — a girl and a boy — in a Dodge pickup truck while she and her husband Chris were driving to the hospital.

The baby girl was born mid-drive, and the baby boy was born in the hospital’s parking lot.

The girl was named Nevada Sierra. The boy got the first name Henry or Hunter (sources disagree) and the middle name Dodge, a tribute to his unusual birthplace.

(He’s the second baby boy I know of to get the middle name Dodge after being born in a Dodge pickup truck.)

Did you know that dozens of U.S. baby boys are named Dodge every year? I wonder how many of them have parents who own Dodge vehicles.

Source: Pickup delivers twins named Dodge and Sierra, to hospital in B.C. (discovered via Appellation Mountain)

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