Posts About the SSA Names Will Be Late

The U.S.’s top baby names of 2014 will be released very soon (yay!).

Typically, I spend “release day” and the following weekend writing posts, updating the site, and drinking large amounts of coffee.

This year, though, the writing/updating/coffee drinking will happen a bit late as husband and I are currently visiting Prague and won’t be back until Sunday.

swans, vltava river, prague
Swans in the Vltava river about a week ago

Apologies in advance about the delay.

In the meanwhile, here are the top names in the Czech Republic.

When the new rankings become available, check out the top 1,000 online at the SSA’s Popular Baby Names page and/or download the full set of data from the SSA’s Beyond the Top 1000 Names page.

P.S. Have any last-minute pop culture predictions?

UPDATE, 5/11: And here’s the list! Most Popular U.S. Baby Names of 2014

4 thoughts on “Posts About the SSA Names Will Be Late

  1. Has it been made clear its out tomorrow? Last year it came out on a Thursday, and the year before it came out on a Monday after Mother’s Day. So it seems to not have a proper day

  2. You’re right, I shouldn’t assume that Friday is the day, because it does bounce around a bit. Thanks for pointing that out — I just fixed the post.

    And, thank you! :)

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