Baby Name Battle – 3 vs. 3

the brox sisters

The Brox sisters were one of the first close harmony sister-acts. Their music was most popular during the 1920s and early 1930s.

Their stage names, oldest to youngest, were were Lorayne, Bobbe and Patricia.

But their birth names, oldest to youngest, were Eunice, Josephine and Kathleen. (And the family surname was Brock, not Brox.)

Which trio of names do you like better, the stage names or the birth names?

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Source: Bobbe Brox, 98, Vocalist in a Family Trio

2 thoughts on “Baby Name Battle – 3 vs. 3

  1. The birth names, by a long shot. But I’m sure the sisters thought their new names were pretty hip in the 1920s.

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