How Do You Like Your Name, Zana?

I haven’t published a name interview in a while!

Today’s interview is with Zana (“rhymes with Donna”) who is 73 years old and comes from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What’s the story behind her name?

My name comes from my Italian grandmother’s maiden name, Zanolin. Hence I was named Zana Lynn.

What does she like/dislike about her name?

My name is unique. Others I have met with the same name pronounce it like the man’s name Zane (the first a as in the English word April). I have even had woman who spells their name as I do, tell me I mispronounce my name (ignorance abounds).

Would she recommend that her name be given to babies today?

If parents want an exotic and pretty name for their daughter, which is different and pronounce it as my Italian family does go for it.

Thank you very much, Zana!

P.S. The baby name Zana saw a big spike in usage in 1994, probably because of the short-lived Sinbad Show, which featured a young character named Zana [ZAY-na] Beckley (played by actress Erin Davis).

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