Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Treasure

The baby name Treasure debuted on the charts in 1935:

  • 1938: 7 baby girls named Treasure
  • 1937: 6 baby girls named Treasure
  • 1936: 18 baby girls named Treasure
  • 1935: 16 baby girls named Treasure [debut]
  • 1934: unlisted

Treasure was the top debut name that year, in fact.

And yet, because Treasure (like Memory) is also a vocabulary word, figuring out where it must have been used as a girl name circa 1935 is tricky.

There are a lot of possibilities in the 1930s, actually — movies, literature, radio, comic strips, etc.

Any thoughts on this one?

(I also idly wonder whether a baby name alluding the riches wouldn’t have been especially appealing during the era of the Depression. Hm.)

2 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Treasure

  1. There was a film of ‘Treasure Island’ released in 1934, and the book ‘Back to Treasure Island’ came out in 1935. But would this explain it becoming a name for girls?

  2. Exactly. I mean, those *could* be the cause here, but it just seems like a stretch.

    I’m thinking there must be a female character named Treasure out there somewhere, but we just haven’t found her yet. Hm.

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