New Zealand Govt. Really Dislikes the Name Justice

At the top of New Zealand’s list of most frequently rejected baby names every year is Justice.

But what if you’re a New Zealand resident who already has the name?

Get ready for “a heap of drama.”

A women in Christchurch named Justice Tainui recently tried to register her baby girl (Isla), but she wasn’t allowed to because of her own name, which she was told was invalid.

Not only that, but Internal Affairs then tried to convince her, ridiculously, that her name was “Justine” because that’s what they had in their system.

With the threat of being fined for not registering Isla hanging over her, Ms Tainui had to prove the name that was good enough for the District Health Board and even Inland Revenue, was in fact her real name.

The issue was eventually cleared up (with Internal Affairs admitting “Justine” was a typo) but it took the help of a local news show.

New Zealand rejects baby names like Justice, Prince and Lord because they appear to confer titles upon people who haven’t earned them. The ban has been in effect since 1995.

Source: Christchurch mum’s fight to keep her name

2 thoughts on “New Zealand Govt. Really Dislikes the Name Justice

  1. Wow. Just … wow.

    There seems to be more cases worldwide where bureaucracy takes a dislike to people’s names because they don’t fit their system in some way, but this one takes the cake.

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