Female Names from Early Cinema, Part 3

The third batch of interesting female names I found in old issues of Photoplay magazine:


Marget MacTavish was played by actress Mary Pickford in the silent film The Pride of the Clan (1917), but I don’t believe the film influenced the usage of the name Marget.

Marget (character), Photoplay, 1917
Marget, Photoplay, Jan. of 1917

Photo caption: “When matters of importance were to be decided Marget donned her best gown of blue, with her fine black stockings and her low black shoes, which had come from London. Over her shoulder was thrown her father’s plaidie, pinned with the historic cairngorm brooch.”


Actress Marvel Rea (1901-1937) appeared in about 30 films (mostly shorts) from 1917 to 1921, but I don’t think she influenced the usage of the name Marvel.

Marvel Rea, Photoplay, 1918
Marvel Rea, Photoplay, July of 1918

Photo caption: “Marvel Rae of the Mack Sennett-Paramount comedies, is an accomplished athlete — rides, plays tennis, golfs, drives her own car, reads George Barr McChambers, and — oh, yes — she swims.” [They’re actually referring to George Barr McCutcheon, popular writer of the day.]


Actress Minta Durfee appeared in over 100 films from 1913 to 1971, but it doesn’t look like she influenced the usage of the name Minta.

Minta Durfee, Photoplay, 1915
Minta Durfee, Photoplay, Dec. of 1915

Photo caption: “Minta Durfee played in comic opera before risking her life by joining the Keystone company. She has never been on Broadway. The ambition of her life is to strut the Great White Way with Roscoe Arbuckle, her husband. She is one of the very few screen artists in California who will admit never having been in New York. But she has made good so well that she can admit anything.”


Naneta was played by actress Clara Williams in the silent film The Criminal (1916), but the name Naneta has never appeared on the SSA’s list.

Naneta (character), Photoplay, 1917
Naneta, Photoplay, Jan. of 1917

Photo caption: “”No! No!” she cried, “she cannota have heem. One time she trow heem away- now-” Naneta stopped suddenly. It came to her in a flash that she had been trapped!”

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  1. I was just thinking about the Araminta/Minta family of names, because I saw a Minti in the local obituaries a couple of days ago.

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