Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Bisceglia

The baby name Bisceglia debuted on the SSA’s list in 1979 and stuck around for 3 more years:

  • 1983: unlisted
  • 1982: 6 baby girls named Bisceglia
  • 1981: 7 baby girls named Bisceglia
  • 1980: 5 baby girls named Bisceglia
  • 1979: 8 baby girls named Bisceglia [debut]
  • 1978: unlisted

According to records, many of these baby Bisceglias were born in the South.

The name must come from the Italian surname Bisceglia [be-SHAYL-yah], which refers to the town of Bisceglie in southern Italy, but I have no idea what boosted the surname onto the baby name charts in 1979.

The closest I’ve got to a proper theory is Steve Bisceglia, who played football at the University of Alabama in the early ’70s, but the years don’t match up, and male sports stars typically don’t inspire female names.

Any other ideas?

2 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Bisceglia

  1. The football player’s an interesting detail/ Steve Bisceglia’s family operated the Bisceglia Brothers Winery in California. (The one described here:, not the newer Italian vinery of the same name.) He’s a wine marketer now. I wonder if he did some kind of print advertising campaign or Crimson Tide team sponsorship in 79-80? I can’t find a smoking gun, but that’s the best guess I can come up with.

    There was also an IRS v. Bisceglia Supreme Court case in 1975, but that seems pretty remote as an influence.

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