Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Johnross

The last name in the summer Mystery Monday series is Johnross, which debuted on the charts in 1982:

  • 1986: 8 baby boys named Johnross
  • 1985: unlisted
  • 1984: 5 baby boys named Johnross
  • 1983: unlisted
  • 1982: 11 baby boys named Johnross [debut]
  • 1981: unlisted

Dallas, the popular TV show, seems like the obvious answer here. After all, it featured a whopping three characters named John Ross: John Ross “Jock” Ewing, Sr., John Ross “J.R.” Ewing, Jr., and John Ross Ewing III.

But which character did it refer to specifically? And why?

My guess is the youngest — the only one actually called “John Ross” on the show — but he’d been a character since his (fictional) birth in 1979, so I’m not sure how/why he’d be influencing the charts years later.

If you watched Dallas in the early ’80s, what are your thoughts on this? What am I missing?

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