Female Names from Early Cinema, Part 5

The fifth and final batch of interesting female names I found in old issues of Photoplay:


Actress Texas Guinan appeared in about 50 films (a mix of feature-lengths and shorts) from 1917 to 1933, but she had no influence on the usage of the name Texas.

Texas Guinan, Photoplay, 1919
Texas Guinan, Photoplay, Jan. of 1919

Photo caption: “When Texas Guinan played “The Gunwoman” for Triangle last winter she gained immediately a large and devoted following. Her admirers will be glad to hear that she is returning to the screen, via World.”


Actress Tsuru Aoki appeared in about 44 films (a mix of feature-lengths and shorts) from 1913 to 1960, but but the name Tsuru has never appeared on the SSA’s list.

Tsuru Aoki, Photoplay, 1915
Tsuru Aoki, Photoplay, Nov. of 1915

Photo caption: “Tsuru Aoki, an Oriental jewel on the Ince side of Triangle, is 22 years old, and was born in Tokyo. She came to America with her aunt and uncle, Sada Yacco and Otto Kawakami, noted Japanese players, and attended school at Pasadena. She is married to Sessue Hayakawa, who recently made great success with Lasky, in “The Clue.””


Actress Valda Valkyrien appeared in about 27 films (a mix of feature-lengths and shorts) from 1912 to 1919, but I don’t believe she influenced the usage of the name Valda. (It’s hard to tell with this one, though.)

Valda Valkyrien, Photoplay, 1919
Valda Valkyrien, Photoplay, Apr. of 1919

Photo caption: “Miss Viking! But to give the fair Scandinavianthe name bestowed on her by Denmark’s king — Valkyrien. Since she came to our shores she has appeared on the screens of Fox, and lately for World.”


Actress Yona Landowska appeared in about 22 films (a mix of feature-lengths and shorts) from 1914 to 1919, but she had no influence on the usage of the name Yona.

Yona Landowska, Photoplay, 1915
Yona Landowska, Photoplay, Mar. of 1915

Photo caption: “Yona Landowska is the eighteen-year-old Russian dancer who plays the lead in “The Beautiful Unknown.”

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