What Would You Name Chrome’s T-Rex?

Husband and I have been traveling a lot recently, so we’re often dealing with not-so-great internet connections, and I’m often seeing (and playing) that T-Rex game on Chrome’s “This webpage is not available” error page.

T-Rex before the Chrome game begins.
T-Rex, before the game begins.

In the vintage-style video game you have to keep an endlessly running T-Rex alive by making him/her jump or duck to avoid obstacles (cacti & pterodactyls).

It’s not the most mentally stimulating game in the world, but it’ll take your mind off your connectivity issues for a few minutes.

T-Rex after the Chrome game is over. Impaled by a pterodactyl!
T-Rex impaled by a pterodactyl — game over!

Whenever I play, I can’t help but wonder: Does this dino have a name?

Weirdly, Google already has a named T-Rex. There’s a life-sized T-Rex skeleton called Stan on display at Googleplex. It’s possible that he was the inspiration behind this miniature digital dino.

Even if this is the case, though, I don’t think the Chrome T-Rex should be “Stan, Jr.” I think he/she needs a unique name.

So here’s the question of the day: What would you name Chrome’s cute little T-Rex? Why?

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