Funny Names for Farmers’ Fields

For centuries, farmers in England named their fields.

Typically the names were logical descriptions like “Seven Acres” and “West Croft.”

But the less-loved fields — those that were rocky, or swampy, or distant, or small, etc. — sometimes got colorful names that reflected their owners’ frustrations. Some examples:

  • Come by Chance
  • Empty Purse
  • Famish Acre
  • Handkerchief
  • Heartache
  • Hell Hole
  • Huntitout
  • Kiss Arse Hill
  • Purgatory
  • Shameful
  • Sour Acre
  • Starvation Hill
  • Zulu Land

These were culled from a longer list I found at Beachcombing’s Bizarre History Blog.

Do you know of any other fields (in England or elsewhere) with funny or interesting names?

4 thoughts on “Funny Names for Farmers’ Fields

  1. Field names are FABULOUS. I also like the names of various neighborhoods. Not far from where I live we have both “Pity Me” and “No Place”. Were No Place just a bit closer to downtown, I would’ve insisted we buy our house there, simply so I could have the fun of saying I was from No Place.

  2. There are some really funny names for wine
    yards in Germany, like Zeller schwarze Katz “black cat of Zell” or Kröver Nacktarsch (“nacked butts of Kröv”) both belonging to the Mosel region.

    There are probably lot of more, but less well-known ones.

  3. There’s a town named Come By Chance in New South Wales, named after a sheep station. Banjo Paterson wrote a ballad about it, and it’s always seemed a rather romantic name to me, although it does get listed on those “weird place name” compilations.

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