23 Impressive People Named Edwin

edwin moore's push pin
The push pin was invented by Edwin Moore. (Image from patent application, filed in 1899.)
The baby name Edwin is based on two Old English elements, the first meaning “riches, wealth,” the second meaning “friend.”

Here are nearly two dozen impressive people named Edwin:

  1. Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin (b. 1930), American astronaut. The second man to set foot on the Moon (1969).
  2. Edwin H. Armstrong (1890-1954), American electrical engineer and inventor. Invented wide-band frequency modulation (FM) radio in 1933.
  3. Edwin Binney (1866–1934), American inventor. Co-invented Crayola crayons in 1903.
  4. Edwin G. Boring (1886-1968), American psychologist.
  5. Edwin B. Budding (1796–1846), English inventor. Invented the lawnmower in 1830.
  6. Edwin Chadwick (1800-1890), English social and sanitation reformer.
  7. Edwin J. Cohn (1892-1953), American biochemist. Helped develop blood fractionation methods that saved the lives of wounded soldiers during WWII.
  8. Edwin G. Conklin (1863-1952), American biologist.
  9. Edwin L. Drake (1819-1880), American oil driller. Drilled the first productive oil well in the U.S. in 1858.
  10. Edwin P. Hubble, (1889-1953), American astronomer. Proved that the universe contained galaxies beyond the Milky Way in 1922.
  11. Edwin Klebs (1834-1913), German physician and bacteriologist. Co-discovered the bacterium that causes diphtheria in 1884.
  12. Edwin G. Krebs (1918-2009), American biochemist. Co-discovered reversible protein phosphorylation in the 1950s.
  13. Edwin H. “Din” Land (1909-1991), American inventor and physicist. Introduced instant cameras and self-developing film in 1947.
  14. Edwin R. Lankester (1847-1929), British zoologist.
  15. Edwin N. Lightfoot (b. 1925), American chemical engineer.
  16. Edwin A. Link (1904-1981), American aviation and submersibles pioneer. Invented the flight simulator in 1929.
  17. Edwin M. McMillan (1907-1991), American nuclear physicist. Discovered neptunium (Np), the first element heavier than uranium, in 1940.
  18. Edwin Moore (1874-1916), American inventor. Invented the push-pin in the 1890s.
  19. Edwin Norton (1845-1914), American inventor and manufacturer.
  20. Edwin E. Perkins (1889-1961), American inventor. Invented Kool-Aid in the 1920s.
  21. Edwin E. Salpeter (1924-2008), Austrian-born American astrophysicist. Described how carbon was first formed via nuclear reactions within ancient stars in 1951.
  22. Edwin M. Southern (b. 1938), English molecular biologist. Invented the Southern blot method in the 1970s.
  23. Edwin Sutherland (1883-1950), American criminologist. Introduced the concept of white-collar crime in 1939.
  24. Do you know of any other equally cool people named Edwin?

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  1. prof premraj pushpakaran writes — 2018 marks the 100th birth year of Edwin Gerhard Krebs!!!

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