Chicago Girl Named Harbertunninnibertunnia?

In early 1912, various U.S. newspapers ran a story about a Chicago girl named Harbertunninnibertunnia Pillow. Here’s the NYT’s version of the story:


Chicago, Ill., Feb 7 – The possessor of probably the longest name in Chicago appeared in Judge William E. Dever’s court to-day. She is a girl 15 years old, and her name is Harbertunninnibertunnia Pillow.

“What is your name?” asked the Judge.

“Harbertunninnibertunnia Pillow, Sir,” she said.

“What’s that?” queried the Court. “Spell it.”

The girl did so with ease. She said her parents and friends called her Harbertunni for short.

So far I can’t find any proof that she existed. Can anyone else?

Source: “Harbertunninnibertunnia.” New York Times 8 Feb. 1912.

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