17 Impressive People Named Norman

robert norman, dip circle, 1581
The dip circle was invented by Robert Norman.
The baby name Norman is based on two Germanic elements, the first meaning “north,” the second meaning “man.”

Here are more than a dozen impressive people named Norman:

  1. Norman H. Anning (1883-1963), Canadian mathematician.
  2. Norman E. Borlaug, (1914-2009), American biologist and scientist. Led the Green Revolution, which increased agricultural production worldwide and alleviated world hunger.
  3. Norman L. Bowen (1887-1956), Canadian petrologist.
  4. Norman J. Breakey (b. 1891), Canadian inventor. Invented the paint roller c. 1940.
  5. Norman R. Davidson (1916-2002), American biochemist.
  6. Norman Hackerman (1912-2007), American chemist.
  7. W. Norman Haworth (1883-1950), British chemist. Determined the chemical structures of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and various carbohydrates.
  8. Norman G. Heatley (1911-2004), British biochemist. Instrumental in the isolation, purification, and testing of penicillin in the late ’30s and early ’40s.
  9. Norman B. Larsen (1923–1970), American industrial chemist. Invented WD-40 in 1953.
  10. J. Norman Lockyer (1836-1920), British astronomer and scientist. Co-discovered and named the element helium in 1868.
  11. Robert Norman (16th century), English mariner and compass builder. Invented the dip circle (for measuring magnetic dip) in 1581.
  12. Norman W. Pirie (1907-1997), British biochemist and virologist. Co-discovered RNA in viruses in 1936.
  13. Norman R. Pogson (1829-1891), English astronomer.
  14. Norman F. Ramsey (1915-2011), American physicist. Invented the separated oscillatory fields method (used to create atomic clocks) in 1949.
  15. Norman E. Shumway (1923-2006), American surgeon. Performed the first successful adult heart transplant in the U.S. in 1968.
  16. Norman Stingley (20th century), American chemist. Invented the Super Ball in 1964.
  17. Norman J. Woodland (1921-2012), American inventor. Co-invented bar codes in 1949.

Do you know of any other equally awesome people named Norman?

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