Leap Day Baby Names – Leaping, Aleapia, Oleap

It’s Leap Day!

Did you know that at least three babies born on Leap Day (February 29) have gotten names to commemorate their rare birthdate?

  • Cody James Leaping Edgerly, born on February 29, 1996.
  • Aleapia Anderson, born on February 29, 1984.
  • Jerence Nansel Oleap “JNO” Fernando, born on February 29, 1944. (He went on to head the Chemistry Department of The Open University of Sri Lanka before passing away in 2015.)

I discovered them via leapyearday.com, which also features a list of Leap Day baby name suggestions ranging from the conceivable (Leapana, Leapold) to the silly (Leap Erickson, Mona Leapa).

What would you name a baby born on Leap Day?

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