Babies Named Birthright?

Elea’s list of curious baby names from 1871 included one that I found especially curious: Birthright.

I’d never seen the word “birthright” used as a baby name before, so I went searching for others.

Turns out that, over the last few centuries, the name Birthright has been given to dozens of babies — both male and female. Most of the time it’s used as a middle name.

My guess is that Birthright tends to represent a surname being passed down within a family, as was the case with Lemuel Birthright Stevens (1898-1977) of Tennessee, whose mother was Misniah Birthright.

Another interesting name from the 1871 list: Grace Darling. No doubt she was named after English life-saver Grace Darling (1815-1842). I’ve never blogged about Grace, but I have blogged about her American counterpart, Idawalley. (And also about Idawalley’s mother’s family.)

What curious names have you run into recently?

2 thoughts on “Babies Named Birthright?

  1. I haven’t run into any unusual names in real life, but we’ve been watching star trek voyager on netflix the last few nights….makes me wonder if there where any babies named after the show. Janeway is actually kinda cute :-)

  2. Janeway is pretty cute. :)

    I actually looked up character names from space-themed TV shows a few years ago. That post still isn’t published yet, but here’s what I found from Voyager on the SSA’s list: Chakotay debuted in 1995, Kes also debuted in 1995, and Belannaa (B’Elanna) debuted in 1997.

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