10th Blogiversary

A full decade of blogging! Why? Because clearly something is wrong with me.

Six-year-old Nancy Joyce Darken of Chicago, on the other hand, is perfect in all ways:

Nancy Joyce Darken in her Nancy box, Chicago, 1937

In fact, it was NJD who reminded me to write this post.

Not personally, of course. Her photo did the reminding.

I’ve had it saved on my computer since last year, and every time I saw it, I’d say to myself: “Don’t forget to add that to the 2016 blogiversary post.”

Which in turn reminded me to write the 2016 blogiversary post.


Double digits. Pretty cool. Not quite as cool as twenty years, which is what Behind the Name recently hit (congrats to Mike C!), but cool nonetheless.

On to decade #2!

Image: “She is tap-dancing on the ceiling.” LIFE 28 Jun. 1937: 68.

9 thoughts on “10th Blogiversary

  1. Congratulations, Nancy! Had to smile at your comment, “clearly something is wrong with me.”! Not at all! You’re amazing in what you discover about names and naming. Thanks for researching and sharing name news, name history, name stats, etc., etc. Always an interesting blog!

  2. Wow, ten years: this is epic! Congrats Nancy – how could we get through the blogging day without your astounding “Believe It or Not” name posts?

  3. Congratulations, Nancy! What a milestone!! I have loved reading your blog for the last 5 (!) years, and I recommend it to everyone that I know when the subject of names comes up. Keep up the great work! :)

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