18 Impressive People Named Frederick

The frisbee was invented by Fred Morrison in 1955.
The Pluto Platter, a precursor the Frisbee, was invented by Fred Morrison in 1955.
The baby name Frederick is based on two Germanic elements, the first meaning “peace,” the second meaning “ruler.”

Here are some impressive people named Frederick:

  1. Frederick G. Banting (1891-1941), Canadian doctor. Co-discovered insulin in 1921.
  2. Frederick C. Bawden (1908-1972), British plant pathologist. Co-discovered RNA in tobacco mosaic virus in 1936.
  3. Frederick P. Brooks (1931-), American computer scientist. Selected the 8-bit byte, which enabled computers to use of lowercase letters.
  4. Frederick G. Cottrell (1877-1948), American chemist. Invented the electrostatic precipitator in 1908.
  5. Frederick C. Cuny (1944-1995?), American disaster relief specialist.
  6. Frederick G. Donnan (1870-1956), British chemist.
  7. Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), African-American abolitionist.
  8. Frederick G. Hopkins (1861-1947), British biochemist. Discovered vitamins and their function in the diet in 1912.
  9. Frederick M. Jones (1893-1961), African-American inventor.
  10. Frederick W. Lanchester (1868-1946), British engineer.
  11. W. Frederick Morrison (1920-2010), American inventor and entrepreneur. Invented the flying disc toy (“Pluto Platter,” later “Frisbee”) in 1955.
  12. Frederick Reines (1918-1998), American physicist. Co-discovered the neutrino in 1956.
  13. Frederick C. Robbins (1916-2003), American physician. Co-discovered the ability of the polio virus to grow in tissue cultures in 1952.
  14. Frederick Sanger (1918-2013), British biochemist. Determined the structure of insulin in 1955. Co-developed the Sanger method of DNA sequencing in 1977.
  15. Frederick Seitz (1911-2008), American physicist.
  16. Frederick W. Taylor (1856-1915) American inventor and engineer. Created the theory of Scientific Management, a.k.a. Taylorism.
  17. Frederick E. Terman (1900-1982), American engineer. Helped create Silicon Valley.
  18. Frederick E. Walton (1834-1928), English manufacturer. Invented linoleum in 1860.

Do you know of any other equally awesome people named Frederick?

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