Need a Baby Name Consultant?

Last month, Bloomberg Business published an article about baby name consulting that featured a pair of so-called “baby-naming experts.”

Now, you can’t get a degree in “baby naming” anywhere. (Possibly you could get a degree in onomastics somewhere, but that’s not quite the same thing.) So how are we supposed to judge whether or not these two people are actually experts? Where’s the evidence of their knowledge?

I assumed it would be at their respective websites, but no — their websites were fairly unimpressive. Neither site indicated to me that these people had any special baby-naming abilities.

So why in the world would I trust either of these “experts” to help me name my baby?

(Hint: I wouldn’t.)

But what if they had used their websites differently? What if, instead of talking up their services and their media coverage, they had generously created lots of insightful, valuable, user-friendly content about baby names — both as a service to the public and as evidence of their expertise?

Well, that would have made all the difference.

Lucky for us, there are people out there who already do this. And these people are called baby name bloggers. Many baby name bloggers offer free public consultations (e.g., suggestion posts) and at least five that I know of also offer private consultations:

Blog Blogger Consultation Info
Appellation Mountain Abby Private Baby Name Consultations
The Art of Naming Kara Private Naming Services
Sancta Nomina Kate Baby Name Consultant (Catholic)
Waltzing More Than Matilda Anna Name Consultations (Australia)
Upswing Baby Names Angela Baby Name Coaching

So if you’re finding the baby naming process to be stressful and/or overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask for personalized assistance. Not from a some self-ordained “expert” who knows how to manipulate the media, but from a helpful, impartial baby name blogger whose body of work confirms that he/she is a true name expert — and one who shares knowledge for the benefit of all, not just for a handful of clients.

Source: You Can Now Pay Someone to Name Your Baby

6 thoughts on “Need a Baby Name Consultant?

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Nancy! I think most people get something out of having a name consultation, even if I can’t magically tell anyone the perfect name for their baby. I do think just seeing your problem written down by someone else, and sharing it with others can be a catalyst for change though.

    And if you get a free consultation, you can get assistance from anyone who drops in and wants to help.

  2. I think that charging people to give them baby name suggestions is kind of shady. And anyone who refers to themselves as a baby-naming “expert” or “guru” gets a side-eye from me.

  3. @Anna – You’re welcome. :)

    @Gina – I used to be very critical of paid-for baby name advice. I still don’t love the idea of it, but there’s a clearly market for it. And (weirdly) I get a lot of traffic on keywords like “baby name consultant.” So I figured it was time to start redirecting people toward actual consultants (knowledgeable ones, as opposed to the questionable ones in the news).

  4. Another blogger who does free consultations is Elea of British Baby Names (her Requests page).

    Anyone else who does free consultations is welcome to comment and leave your URL.

    If you’re a long-time blogger who does private consultations, email me instead and I can add you to the post.

  5. Well said, Nancy. Why pay an “expert” when you can get advice from people who’ve proven how much they know and care about names, for free?

    Don’t forget Swistle (and her gigantic horde of commenters)! Also Duana and the Name Lady. While they don’t always do consultations as such, they do give consistently helpful, sensible answers to their readers’ questions.

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