Curious Names from Berkshire

A few notable names from Berkshire County, England, that were collected in 1898:

Curious Christian Names. – There is not great originality as a rule in Christian names, but here and there one finds some treasures. Among various Registers of Berkshire country [sic] parishes I have found the following Women:– Tryphena, Cherry-truth, Weltham, Fettiplace, Bassilia, Parthenia, Sherlock, Shunamite, Temperance, Grecian, Amariah, Palaccia, Resbury or Rasbury, Vihannah, Antonino, George-anne, Massey, Aminadab, Druscilla, Prisis, Dorunda, Savale, Benedict, Cardilla. Men’s:– Vernall, Avery, Burian or Berry, Sharlick, Floris, Ginter, Epheldrum, Hanson, Manders, Alborne. Some of these are obvious Surnames, and I could extend the list of men’s names if I were to include all who bore Surnames in baptism. None of the above were provided with second Christian names; the interesting part is that the names are hereditary in families, and the discovery of a curious Christian name is a great advantage to the genealogist. –E. E. Thoyts.

I was slightly surprised to learn that “E. E. Thoyts” was female: Emma Elizabeth Thoyts (1860–1949), English historian.

Source: Thoyts, E. E. “Curious Christian Names.” The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Archaeological Journal 4.1 (1898): 63.

5 thoughts on “Curious Names from Berkshire

  1. Oddly enough I just did rare names from the 1950s, so have been looking through data. I saw a Tryphena, a Drusilla, several men named Avery, and a Berry.

  2. Fettiplace is a local family name. I grew up in this part of the world and there are streets named after it in several towns and villages. Interesting to see it used on a woman.

  3. It looks like some parents combed through the Bible for obscure women’s names or even words that could be used as women’s names. That accounts for Tryphena, Shunamite, Temperance, Aminadab (originally a man’s name), Amariah (also a man’s name), Druscilla, and Prisis (I assume a misspelling of Persis).

  4. Temperance is not such a strange name now. A popular tv show from the United States Of America BONES , the female lead character BONES real name is Temperance Brennan

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