Unusual Real Names: Berbiedell, Chichester, Diocletian

More unusual real names! Here are some of the longer ones I’ve seen recently:

  • Astyanax: Politician/physician Astyanax M. Douglass was born in Tennessee in 1838.
  • Autherine: Activist Autherine Juanita Lucy was born in Alabama in 1929.
  • Behethland: Behethland Foote Butler was born in Virginia in 1764.
  • Berbiedell: Berbiedell Slate was born in North Carolina in 1930.
  • Camoralza: Politician Camoralza Hagler Spahr was born in Ohio in 1826.
  • Chichester: Chemist Chichester Bell was born in Ireland in 1848.
  • Ciallagalena: Ciallagalena “Lena” Cobb Williams was born in Faubourg Tremé (New Orleans) circa 1900.
  • Clairève: Archaeologist Clairève Grandjouan was born in France in 1929.
  • Claricia: Claricia was a German illuminator during the 13th century:
    claricia, german psalter
  • Cleobulus & Cleobulina: Ancient Greek poet Cleobulus, one of the Seven Sages, lived during the 6th century BC. His daughter Cleobulina was also a well-known poet.
  • De Sacia: Silent film actress De Sacia Mooers was born in Michigan in 1888.
  • De La Mancha: Chicago judge De La Mancha “Mancha” Bruggemeyer was born in England in 1865.
  • Diocletian: Exercise advocate Diocletian “Dio” Lewis was born in New York in 1823. (He wrote about the importance of physical training for both sexes in The Atlantic in 1862.)

Which of the above do you like best?

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