Baby Name Battle: Clint vs. Flint vs. Quint vs. Vint

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It’s the end of The Week of Int! We’ve looked at the names Clint, Flint, Quint, and Vint — all four of which were associated with TV cowboys during the second half of the 1950s, and all four of which saw increased usage on the baby name charts in the ’50s thanks to these associations.

So now it’s your turn. Which of these -int names is your favorite?

The -INT name I like best is...

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One thought on “Baby Name Battle: Clint vs. Flint vs. Quint vs. Vint

  1. I like Clint best, but it doesn’t feel like a full name to me. I’d rather it be a nickname for Clinton, except the political associations put me off. So I’d be most likely to actually use Flint.

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