Popular Baby Names in Kern County (CA), 2018

According to data from the Kern County Public Health Department, the most popular baby names in the California county in 2018 were Sophia and Noah.

Here are Kern County’s top 5 girl names and top 5 boy names of 2018:

Girls Names
1. Sophia, 77 baby girls
2. Emma, 73
3. Mia, 70
4. Camila, 63
5. Isabella, 52

Boy Names
1. Noah, 84 baby boys
2. Sebastian, 78
3. Julian, 77
4. Alexander, 64
5. Liam, 57

Kern County includes Bakersfield, the ninth-most populous city in California. It also includes the city of Shafter, which was named after William Rufus Shafter, who played a part in the Spanish-American War.

We also have 2018 data for the California county San Diego, where Sophia ranks 6th and Noah 2nd.

Source: Sophia, Noah were top baby names in Kern in 2018

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