george waGGner

While grabbing a screenshot of the movie Wolf Call for this week’s post on Towana, I noticed something peculiar in the opening credits:

george waGGner
“george waGGner”

The name of the director, George Waggner, had been styled “george waGGner” — all lowercase letters, except for two uppercase G’s in the surname.

Waggner worked in movies and in television from the 1920s to the 1960s, and this styling was typical for him. Even on his grave marker the G’s in his surname are larger than the other letters.

It’s kinda reminding me of SanDeE* from L.A. Story

Source: George Waggner – IMDb

2 thoughts on “george waGGner

  1. Maybe it was his way of making sure his last name was not incorrectly spelled Wagner?

    Or he could just have been weird. I know someone who named their dog Melody. After a while they started insisting on spelling it MelOD. Every time I saw the name spelled that way I thought Mel Odd and I was not the only one. Luckily the dog didn’t care, but to me she’ll be Mel Odd forevermore.

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