Neva, Not Named for Nevada

neva patterson

Actress Neva Patterson, mentioned in yesterday’s post about Diana Lynn, was born in 1920 on a farm near Nevada [neh-VAY-duh], Iowa.

So she must have been named for her birthplace, right?

Nope. Neva, called “Nevada’s gift to acting” by the Des Moines register, “spent much of her life explaining that she really wasn’t named for her hometown.” Instead, she was named after one of her mother’s friends. (Her parents were named Marjorie and George, btw, and she also had a brother named Harlon.)

Do you like the name Neva? How would you pronounce it?

Source: Famous Iowans – Neva Patterson –

One thought on “Neva, Not Named for Nevada

  1. I know a Neva, her name is pronounced “Nee-vuh”. As far as I know this is her whole name, but another lady in town (she is now deceased) was named Nevada, pronounced like the town in Iowa. She was called Vada, “vay-duh”.

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