Popular Baby Names in Knox County (IL)

According to the County Clerk of Knox County, Illinois, the most popular baby names in 2019 were Charlotte and Benjamin.

A total of 689 babies were born in the county in 2019. Here are the top names per gender:

Girl Names

  1. Charlotte – 5 baby girls
  2. Deliah, Eleanor, Ellie, Hope – 4 each
  3. Ava, Caroline, Cora, Evelyn, Everley, Lilly, Molly, Paisley – 3 each

Boy Names

  1. Benjamin – 6 baby boys
  2. Jeremiah – 5
  3. Elijah & Liam – 4 each
  4. Charles, Christopher, Grayson, Isaac, Jace, Lincoln, Matthew, Noah, Parker – 3 each

The name Deliah really stands out here. Only a couple dozen baby girls are named Deliah per year nationally, so it’s very curious to see four Deliahs pop up in a single county.

Source: Charlotte, Benjamin top Knox County baby names in 2019

2 thoughts on “Popular Baby Names in Knox County (IL)

  1. Deliah’s got to be a typo for Delilah, right? Everley also seems a bit off. I haven’t seen that spelling in popularity lists before—it’s typically Everly or Everleigh.

  2. You know, you could be right in both cases. The national numbers would certainly back you up — Delilah and Everly are much more popular than Deliah and Everley (respectively) overall. I’m going to email the author and ask about those spellings. Thanks alex!

    Edited to add: I emailed him an hour or so after I posted this. If I get a response, I’ll let you know!

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