How do you like your name, Miranda?

It’s another name interview! This one is with Miranda, a 22-year-old from Missouri.

What’s the story behind her name?

There isn’t really a story behind it, my parents just liked it.

What does she like most about her name?

Because I’m a writer, I like to warn people of their “Miranda writes” — anything you say or do could end up in a story!

What does she like least about her name?

I’ve never loved my name but I don’t dislike it either. One thing that was annoying about it when I was a child is that my first grade teacher would tell us to write our names on our papers and then move on to explaining what to do before I had finished writing all seven letters of my name. I also get a lot of misspellings (Maranda and Meranda most commonly) and even some mispronunciations. More recently, I dislike the association with Miranda Sings.

Finally, would Miranda recommend that her name be given to babies today?

Not yet. It feels too 80s/90s to me to be given to a child. Maybe in time. If anyone is considering using the name Miranda, I would suggest having a nickname ready since the name is kind of long. I like Randi, it just never really caught on.

Thank you, Miranda!

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