“Beauty of the Week” Baby Name: Meyosha

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The name Meyosha was a one-hit wonder in the U.S. baby name data in 1985:

  • 1987: unlisted
  • 1986: unlisted
  • 1985: 8 baby girls named Meyosha [debut]
  • 1984: unlisted
  • 1983: unlisted

What gave the name a boost that year?

A mid-1985 issue of Jet magazine, which featured Meyosha Sherri Smiley as the “Beauty of the Week.” Meyosha — a Capricorn from Chicago — was “a sophomore biology major at the University of Minnesota” at the time. She “enjoy[ed] singing, dancing, writing and piano.”

What are your thoughts on the name Meyosha?

Source: “Beauty of the Week.” Jet 2 Sept. 1985: 43.

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