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Numerology & Baby Names: Number 7

baby names that add up to 7, numerologically

Here are hundreds of baby names that have a numerological value of “7.”

I’ve sub-categorized them by overall totals, because I think that some of the intermediate numbers could have special significance to people as well.

Within each group, I’ve listed up to ten of the most popular “7” names per gender (according to the current U.S. rankings).

Beneath all the names are some ways you could interpret the numerological value of “7,” including descriptions from two different numerological systems.


The girl name Aada adds up to 7.

7 via 16

The following baby names add up to 16, which reduces to seven (1+6=7).

  • “16” girl names: Ana, Jada, Alba, Heba, Fia, Jae, Adaia, Adja, Cece, Daja
  • “16” boy names: Chad, Cal, Jae, Cage, Efe, Dak, Che, Adib, Abdi, Ehab

7 via 25

The following baby names add up to 25, which reduces to seven (2+5=7).

  • “25” girl names: Cali, Amaia, Jaida, Baila, Naia, Ahana, Danae, Ania, Laci, Adara
  • “25” boy names: Jack, Gael, Aaden, Aedan, Abbas, Jan, Asad, Saad, Ahaan, Ike

7 via 34

The following baby names add up to 34, which reduces to seven (3+4=7).

  • “34” girl names: Grace, Amara, Lila, Thea, Amanda, Elle, Danna, Anne, Bailee, Della
  • “34” boy names: Micah, Jaden, Chance, Hank, Noe, Carl, Chaim, Canaan, Kacen, Neo

7 via 43

The following baby names add up to 43, which reduces to seven (4+3=7).

  • “43” girl names: Chloe, Ellie, Alexa, Andrea, Gracie, Ember, Annie, Talia, Alanna, Karla
  • “43” boy names: Finn, Mark, Derek, Rafael, Iker, Beckham, Jaiden, Keegan, Erik, Aarav

7 via 52

The following baby names add up to 52, which reduces to seven (5+2=7).

  • “52” girl names: Hazel, Nova, Naomi, Aubree, Reese, Arabella, Dakota, Charlee, Nyla, Jimena
  • “52” boy names: Cayden, Dakota, Seth, Raul, Cason, Jamari, Reese, Marcel, Keanu, Ishaan

7 via 61

The following baby names add up to 61, which reduces to seven (6+1=7).

  • “61” girl names: Isabella, Lucy, Adelyn, Catalina, Mckenna, Luciana, Miracle, Jolene, Aylin, Meadow
  • “61” boy names: Roman, Kevin, Luis, Maddox, Calvin, Richard, Andres, Corbin, Nasir, Remy

7 via 70

The following baby names add up to 70, which reduces to seven (7+0=7).

  • “70” girl names: Eleanor, Ashley, Lilly, Alexis, Lilliana, Kenzie, Alison, Sierra, Francesca, Lilith
  • “70” boy names: Henry, Carson, Ryder, Josue, Simon, Walker, Rylan, Finnegan, Otto, Philip

7 via 79

The following baby names add up to 79, which reduces to seven (7+9=16; 1+6=7).

  • “79” girl names: Rosalie, Maddison, Cheyenne, Ashlyn, Haisley, Evalyn, Adilynn, Harriet, Kyndall, Beatrix
  • “79” boy names: William, Lincoln, Connor, Colton, Xavier, Walter, Gunner, Warren, Harvey, Frederick

7 via 88

The following baby names add up to 88, which reduces to seven (8+8=16; 1+6=7).

  • “88” girl names: Elizabeth, Penelope, Journee, Jazlyn, Madelynn, Sylvia, Katelyn, Karsyn, Poppy, Kassidy
  • “88” boy names: Antonio, Francisco, Kashton, Jaxxon, Karsyn, Terrence, Immanuel, Santos, Brenton, Zephaniah

7 via 97

The following baby names add up to 97, which reduces to seven (9+7=16; 1+6=7).

  • “97” girl names: Victoria, Stephanie, Evelynn, Jacqueline, Kathryn, Itzayana, Emmalynn, Yvette, Millicent, Josephina
  • “97” boy names: Anthony, Brantley, Bronson, Valentin, Jonathon, Tyrone, Johnpaul, Kentrell, Stephon, Marshawn

7 via 106

The following baby names add up to 106, which reduces to seven (1+0+6=7).

  • “106” girl names: Waverly, Honesty, Anniston, Krystal, Guinevere, Wilhelmina, Precious, Kaitlynn, Yulissa, Skarlett
  • “106” boy names: Russell, Trenton, Westyn, Miguelangel, Deanthony, Aurelius, Robinson, Tayvion, Hendrixx, Keyshawn

7 via 115

The following baby names add up to 115, which reduces to seven (1+1+5=7).

  • “115” girl names: Serenity, Trinity, Remington, Charleston, Brynnley, Winslow, Lilyrose, Everlynn, Yoselyn, Alexzandria
  • “115” boy names: Remington, Triston, Charleston, Trayvon, Winslow, Josemanuel, Reymundo, Whittaker, Tyrique, Trinity

7 via 124

The following baby names add up to 124, which reduces to seven (1+2+4=7).

  • “124” girl names: Rozlynn, Yatziry, Gwynevere, Brynlynn, Yaritzy, Vyolette, Graycelynn, Persayus, Gwendolyne, Maryruth
  • “124” boy names: Harrington, Thornton, Maxximus, Martavius, Treyveon, Winchester, Princetyn, Quinnton, Trayvion, Uchechukwu

7 via 133

The following baby names add up to 133, which reduces to seven (1+3+3=7).

  • “133” girl names: Gwendolynn, Tonantzin, Sigourney
  • “133” boy names: Theophilus, Princeston, Stevenson, Rutherford, Treyshawn, Rodriquez, Zulqarnain, Treyvonn

7 via 142

The following baby names add up to 142, which reduces to seven (1+4+2=7).

  • “142” girl names: Courtlynn, Scottlynn, Iyanuoluwa, Sutherlyn, Christlynn
  • “142” boy names: Huntington, Konstantine, Naetochukwu, Iyanuoluwa, Marquavius

7 via 151

The following baby names add up to 151, which reduces to seven (1+5+1=7).

  • “151” girl names: Montserrath, Victorious

7 via 160

The boy name Arinzechukwu adds up to 160, which reduces to seven (1+6+0=7).

7 via 169

The boy name Somtochukwu adds up to 169, which reduces to seven (1+6+9=16; 1+6=7).

What Does “7” Mean?

First, we’ll look at the significance assigned to “7” by two different numerological sources. Second, and more importantly, ask yourself if “7” or any of the intermediate numbers above have any special significance to you.

Numerological Attributes

“7” (the heptad) according to the Pythagoreans: …

  • “Since everything comes together and is distinguished by coincidence and in a critical manner at the place of the hebdomad [group of seven], they called it ‘critical time’ and ‘Chance,’ and custom has entrenched the habit of saying ‘critical time and Chance’ together.”
  • “Many things, both in the heavens of the universe and on the Earth – celestial bodies and creatures and plants – are in fact brought to completion by it. And that is why it is called ‘Chance,’ because it accompanies everything which happens, and ‘critical time,’ because it has gained the most critical position and nature.”
  • “It is also called ‘that which brings completion,’ for seven-month children are viable.”
  • “Everything is fond of sevens.”
  • “It is called ‘forager’ because its structure has been collected and gathered together in a manner resembling unity, since it is altogether indissoluble, except into something which has the same denominator as itself”

“7” according to Edgar Cayce:

  • “Seven is the spiritual number” (reading 261-15).
  • “As does seven signify the spiritual forces, as are seen in all the ritualistic orders of any nature” (reading 5751-1).
Personal/Cultural Significance

Does “7” — or do any of the other numbers above (e.g., 25, 43, 88, 151) — have any special significance to you?

Think about your own preferences and personal experiences: lucky numbers, birth dates, music, sports, and so on. Maybe you like how “88” reminds you of piano keys, for example.

Also think about associations you may have picked up from your culture, your religion, or society in general.

If you have any interesting insights about the number 7, or any of the other numbers above, please leave a comment!

Source: Theologumena Arithmeticae, attributed to Iamblichus (c.250-c.330).

Names at Kiva – Ezathullah, Karamfilka, Longuino, Parascovia

Kiva is a non-profit organization that allows you to lend money to entrepreneurs in developing countries all over the world.

How is Kiva applicable to baby naming? Well, many of the small business owners in Kiva’s database have very interesting first names–browsing through them might spark a few ideas. For example, here are some that I gathered last week…

Male names Female names
Afghanistan Ezathullah, Kambit, Mahbob, Norallah, Sardar Gulalai, Khalida, Nazanen, Rohena, Sadeqa
Azerbaijan Abbas, Cherkez, Heydarali, Magsud, Yusif Aygun, Firganiz, Seyidurre, Tahira, Zemfira
Benin Bruno, Christian, Frédéric, Marcel, Osariere Enogie, Koubouratou, Osariemen, Patience, Ugbo
Bolivia Arturo, Gregorio, Jhonny, Marco, Mario Albertina, Erodita, Ines, Jesusa, Marcela
Bulgaria Dimitar, Emil, Gentcho, Ihtiandar, Krasimir Karamfilka, Nezat, Tzvetelina, Velichka, Zlatka
Cambodia Chun, Kouk, Sophal, Um, Yous Chanthy, Khai, Samoeun, Sokcheng, Yorn
Cameroon Godlove, Moses, Ndah, Thomas, Valentine Alice, Comfort, Emelda, Nanga, Theresia
Cote D’Ivoire Aboh, Didier, Koua, Moussa, Otawaye Akissi, Clementine, Henriette, Kouadio, Odette
Dem. Rep. Congo Ali, Felly, Ifoly, Muka, Theo Adolphine, Kambere, Kebadio, Saida, Victorine
Dominican Republic Carlos, Ciprian, Esdras, Hipolito, Pedro Arsenia, Balbina, Belquis, Soraida, Yudelka
Ecuador Alsi, Aroldo, Bernardo, Cristóbal, Edgar Germania, Lorenza, Lucita, Nieves, Piedad
El Salvador Fermin, Guillermo, Israel, Miguel, Reynaldo Etilma, Nidia, Norma, Rhina, Silvia
Ghana Kwamina, Mawulawoè, Steven, Yaa, Yakubu Alima, Faustina, Gifty, Mariama, Millicent
Honduras Agusto, Cesario, Gerardo, Rigoberto, Wilmer Angela, Edis, Guillermina, Ninfa, Sayra
Indonesia Joko, Neman, Nuryanto, Slamet, Turimin Ketut, Muni, Rusmini, Ulfah, Wawat
Kenya Aggrey, Davies, Dickson, Obadiah, Titus Catherine, Houglias, Nereah, Rafriza, Teresia
Mali Gabriel, Joseph, Mkama, Syvanus, Wycliffee Lasty, Nuru, Regina, Rokia, Tabia
Mexico Celedonio, Fausto, Ignacio, Jose, Longuino Cayetana, Claudia, Domitila, Elodia, Gloria
Moldova Ion, Nicolae, Ruslan, Valeriu, Vasile Elisaveta, Gheorghita, Liliana, Parascovia, Svetlana
Mozambique Admiro, Enoque, Jorge, Jossefa, Vasco Amina, Atalia, Olinda, Raquelina, Valentina
Nicaragua Francisco, Hugo, Isidro, Lazaro, Santos Amelia, Isaura, Lissette, Neylin, Simona
Nigeria Cookey, Dogood, Monday, Nosa, Rezent Blessing, Esther, Folake, Itohan, Osagiduwa
Paraguay Dionisio, Herminio, Roberto, Teofilo, Yimi Emiliana, Purificación, Rosalina, Viviana, Zunilda
Peru Aquiles, Ciriaco, Gabino, Nemesio, Oswaldo Epifania, Gilma, Leocadia, Teodenila, Widma
Senegal Amsatou, Atoumane, Babacar, Ibrahima, Moustapha Diariétou, Gnima, Rokhaya, Seynabou, Toulaye
Sierra Leone Amadu, Fojay, Sankoh, Sorie, Unisa Aminata, Fatmata, Kadiatu, Mabinty, Mbalu
Tajikistan Alisher, Ergash, Khakim, Safarboy, Sayfiddin Bahtier, Gulnora, Matluba, Nabieva, Zainura
Tanzania Abdallah, Agust, Jafari, Kimangano, Nassor Arafa, Dotto, Evodia, Rajubu, Zainabu
Togo Kodzo, Kossi, Siakou, Yaovi, Yawo Abla, Ayémiahé, Beauty, Chérifatou, Yawa
Uganda Charles, Kibirige, Mathius, Morris, Peter Agnes, Annet, Halimah, Lovisa, Night
Ukraine Gennadyi, Mamuka, Vitalyi, Vladimir, Yuryi Ibolya, Ludmila, Raisa, Tatyana, Yelena
Viet Nam Cao, Nghiep, Nhanh, Phong, Thuan Giao, Khong, Phung, Thanh, Thi

P.S. – Kiva means “unity” in Swahili. Might not be a bad name itself, eh?