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Alphabet Soup Baby Names – ABC to XYZ

Last year, I asked if ABCDE really was a baby name.

It is, but it’s not the only alphabet-based baby name out there.

Here are some others:


I’ve found over a dozen people named ABC, including Abc Groff (1887-1966) in the SSDI.


So far I’ve seen just one — Abcd Smith (born circa 1888) on the 1920 US Census.


One-upping the famed ABCDE!

I’ve seen two, one being Abcdef Riggs (born circa 1868) on the 1870 US Census:

If ABCDE is pronounced “Absidy,” maybe this one is “Absidef”?

I didn’t find any letter-string names from the middle of the alphabet, but had some luck at the other end:


I’ve found just one so far — Wxyz Clair Laruke Grant was born on March 3, 1869, in Barbados.


I’ve seen a handful. (None born around the time of the XYZ Affair, in case you’re curious.) One was Xyz Crenshaw (1906-2002) in the SSDI.

I wonder how XYZ would be pronounced. “Ziz” maybe? “EKS-iz”? Hm.