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Popularity of the Baby Name Abcde

Number of Babies Named Abcde

Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Alphabet Soup Baby Names – ABC to XYZ

Last year, I asked if ABCDE really was a baby name.

It is, but it’s not the only alphabet-based baby name out there.

Here are some others:


I’ve found over a dozen people named ABC, including Abc Groff (1887-1966) in the SSDI.


So far I’ve seen just one — Abcd Smith (born circa 1888) on the 1920 US Census.


One-upping the famed ABCDE!

I’ve seen two, one being Abcdef Riggs (born circa 1868) on the 1870 US Census:

If ABCDE is pronounced “Absidy,” maybe this one is “Absidef”?

I didn’t find any letter-string names from the middle of the alphabet, but had some luck at the other end:


I’ve found just one so far — Wxyz Clair Laruke Grant was born on March 3, 1869, in Barbados.


I’ve seen a handful. (None born around the time of the XYZ Affair, in case you’re curious.) One was Xyz Crenshaw (1906-2002) in the SSDI.

I wonder how XYZ would be pronounced. “Ziz” maybe? “EKS-iz”? Hm.

Types of Bad Baby Names

Nancy Friedman of Fritinancy wrote a great post the other day called What Makes a Bad Name Bad?

It’s about company and product names, but her four “badness patterns” can be found in baby names as well.

Some examples…

Can you think of any other bad baby names that fall into one (or more) of the above categories?

Can Wiki Be a Girl Name?

This question has been bringing traffic to my blog lately. People seem to be interested in using the Hawaiian word wiki, which means “quick,” as a baby girl name.

Can they use wiki as a girl name? Well, sure they can. If they live in a place that doesn’t have strict laws about baby names. In the U.S., for instance, they can name their baby girl Audrey, Abcde, Brenda, Bandit, Charity, Cheesette, or just about anything else they want.

Should they use it as a girl name, though? Should wiki be used as a baby name at all? I think these questions are a bit more thought-provoking. Let’s try a poll:

Should wiki be used as a baby name?

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Is ABCDE Really a Baby Name?

name abcde

ABCDE isn’t an urban legend. It’s a real baby name.

In fact, it’s the official first name of hundreds of females in the United States (especially Texas!).

How many ABCDEs have been born in the U.S. so far? Here are the SSA’s numbers:

  • 2013: 16 baby girls named ABCDE [9 in Texas]
  • 2012: 18 baby girls named ABCDE [13 in Texas]
  • 2011: 21 baby girls named ABCDE [14 in Texas]
  • 2010: 25 baby girls named ABCDE [19 in Texas]
  • 2009: 32 baby girls named ABCDE [20 in Texas]
  • 2008: 28 baby girls named ABCDE [21 in Texas]
  • 2007: 24 baby girls named ABCDE [14 in Texas]
  • 2006: 26 baby girls named ABCDE [15 in Texas]
  • 2005: 22 baby girls named ABCDE [16 in Texas]
  • 2004: 15 baby girls named ABCDE [10 in Texas]
  • 2003: 22 baby girls named ABCDE [13 in Texas]
  • 2002: 17 baby girls named ABCDE [11 in Texas]
  • 2001: 16 baby girls named ABCDE [11 in Texas]
  • 2000: 12 baby girls named ABCDE [10 in Texas]
  • 1999: 13 baby girls named ABCDE [5 in Texas]
  • 1998: 5 baby girls named ABCDE
  • 1997: 5 baby girls named ABCDE
  • 1996: unlisted
  • 1995: unlisted
  • 1994: unlisted
  • 1993: unlisted
  • 1992: 6 baby girls named ABCDE
  • 1991: unlisted
  • 1990: 5 baby girls named ABCDE [debut; all 5 in Hawaii]
  • 1989: unlisted

Keep in mind that the SSA only lists names used 5 or more times per year, so there are more ABCDEs out there that aren’t accounted for in the SSA data.

Based on the numbers we know, though, at least 328 baby girls in the U.S. have been named ABCDE, and 201 (61%) of these baby girls were born in Texas specifically.

What do you think of the name?