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Tajikistani Babies Named After Rogun Dam

Tajikistan’s government believes that the hydroelectric Rogun Dam will solve the country’s economic woes. But it doesn’t have the billions of dollars needed to finish building the dam, so it’s been convincing (sometimes forcing) its citizens to invest in the project.

Some Tajiks are unhappy about this situation. But many have proudly bought “shares” in the dam (even though the government has yet to explain how shareholders can recoup their investments).

One of these optimistic investors is Abdullo Bobokhonov, a 59-year-old lawyer whose grandson was born in January of 2010, right around the time the Tajik government started selling shares. The baby was named Rogunshoh at Bobokhonov’s suggestion. Rogunshoh means “king Rogun” or “lord Rogun” in Tajik.

Another January baby–a baby girl born in Tajikistan’s Yavan region–was reportedly named Sahmiya, which means “share” in Tajik.

Sources: Baby boy in Tajikistan named in honor of hydroelectric dam, Tajiks invest in mega-dam project, Tajiks sink money into Soviet-style dam project

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