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Popularity of the Baby Name Addtakizz

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Types of Bad Baby Names

Nancy Friedman of Fritinancy wrote a great post the other day called What Makes a Bad Name Bad?

It’s about company and product names, but her four “badness patterns” can be found in baby names as well.

Some examples…

Can you think of any other bad baby names that fall into one (or more) of the above categories?

Unusual Baby Name – Addtakizz

This has to be the strangest variant of Atticus I’ve ever seen. (At least I think it’s a variant of Atticus.)

Addtakizz Santana Faye, born in 3 January 2009, was the first baby born in Archbold, Ohio, in 2009. The unusual spelling of her name was inspired in part by the rock band Kiss.

Her middle names honor guitarist Carlos Santana and a family friend. (And, together like that, they make me think of Santa Fe.)

Source: Pugh, David. “First Baby Of 2009 Was In A Hurry.” Archbold Buckeye 14 Jan. 2009: 1.