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“Alic, Aïda” – Too Close to “Al Qaeda” for US?

Almost two weeks ago, a Frenchwoman named Aïda Alic was barred from boarding a flight from Geneva to New York.


The U.S. didn’t offer an official explanation. But Alic believes she was blacklisted because her name, when mispronounced a certain way, can sound like Al Qaeda.

On her passport her surname Alic appears then her first name Aïda.

“Alic Aida, Al Qaeda. When friends make the play on words to try and pull my leg, I am used to it, but not this. Especially since my name is actually pronounced Alitch. It is of Yugoslav origin. And now here I am labelled as a risk.”

Do you believe her theory? If so, what do you think of the U.S. decision to prohibit her from entering the country based on her name alone?

Source: French mum named Alic Aïda barred from US (found via Voornamelijk)