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First Babies (and First Baby Names) of 2007

Want to know one of the things I love about January 2nd? Being able to scan the January 1st headlines for news of all the New Year’s babies. :)

Here are some of the first babies born in 2007 (in their respective regions)…

  • Northern New Jersey: Keira (girl)
  • Central Florida: Jodalisse (girl)
  • Southwest Florida: Hailey (girl)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: Yomna (girl)
  • Des Moines, Iowa: Denver (boy; named for the Denver Broncos football team)
  • Springfield, Missouri: Ailee (girl)
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma: Blair (girl)
  • Boise, Idaho: Erin (girl)
  • SF Bay area: Liam (boy)
  • Portland, OR area: Anthony (boy)

Do you know the name of the first baby born in your region? Please leave a comment if you do–I’d love to know.

(I’m still waiting for the Cape Cod Times to publish something about the first Cape baby… I hope they don’t forget…)

Edit: They didn’t! The first Cape baby was a boy named Nicholas, born at 9:54 in the morning.