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“Birth as Art” Baby Named Ajax

Yesterday, performance artist Marni Kotak gave birth to a baby boy at Brooklyn’s Microscope Gallery as part of her exhibit “The Birth of Baby X.”

I had just finished one of those “what do you think they’ll name the baby?” posts when I spotted the article about the birth, which mentioned that he’d been named Ajax. I kinda had a hunch that an “x” would be in the name somewhere.

As the child of a performance artist, Ajax can now expect his life to be put on display for all to see:

Her exhibit “The Birth of Baby X” kicks off her long-term project “Raising Baby X,” which will document her child’s upbringing “from birth through attending college and developing an independent life,” according to her website.

Ah, child-as-crazy-art-project. What a wonderful (read: horrible, exploitative) idea. Then again…is this really so different from all the oversharing parents do on Facebook nowadays?