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Baby Names to Watch – Lyanna, Juno, Jupiter, Onyx, Solace

lyanna mormontHere are five names that have gotten some attention recently. Do you think this attention will translate into higher-than-expected usage in 2016? (I say “higher-than-expected” because all five are already on the rise.)

  • Lyanna: The 10-year-old Game of Thrones character Lyanna Mormont was introduced to viewers in June.
  • Juno & Jupiter: NASA’s space probe Juno entered orbit around Jupiter in July. (Jupiter’s jump in usage last year coincides with the release of the movie Jupiter Ascending, starring Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones.)
  • Onyx & Solace: Alanis Morissette announced the arrival of her daughter Onyx Solace via Instagram in July.

Which of the five do you like best?

Alanis Morissette Baby Boy Named Ever Imre

Alanis Morissette and husband Mario “MC Souleye” Treadway had their first child, a baby boy, on December 25. They named him Ever Imre.

They haven’t explained the significance behind the name yet, though I’m sure they will soon.

In the meanwhile, let’s talk about a possible trend alert. After all, this is the second celebrity baby I know of named Ever. The first was Ever Gabo, Milla Jovovitch’s daughter, born in late 2007.

Here’s how frequently name has been used over the last decade:

Year Male
2000 80 7 87
2001 102 8 110
2002 96 16 112
2003 117 22 139
2004 126 23 149
2005 148 10 158
2006 147 27 174
2007 154 17 171
2008 174 39 213
2009 146 68 214

So there’s already an upward trajectory, and now not one but two celebs have jumped on the bandwagon. How high will the name go? Will it crack the top 1,000 for either gender, do you think?

Source: Alanis Morissette Has Baby, Names It ‘Ever Imre’

Baby Name Story – Baby Named after Teletubby

In 1997, Teletubbies debuted in the UK. That same year, Jagdish and Kamlesh Sohpal of Birmingham, England were expecting their second daughter.

They asked their two-year-old Geeta what she’d like to name her baby sister. She replied Laa-Laa, after her favorite Teletubby–the yellow one with the curly antenna.

Apparently they liked Geeta’s suggestion. When the baby arrived in October, she was named Laa-Laa.

And what happened to the namesake of the yellow Teletubby soon after she was born? She developed jaundice. Isn’t it ironic, as Alanis Morissette might say.


Unusual Real Name – Alanis Morissette

Gone South is a blog about a Peace Corps volunteer’s experiences in Paraguay. In a recent post, Interesting Baby Names and Stronger Patriotism Through Kickball, he talks about how Paraguay is a bit behind the times in terms of movies, music and fashion. Because of this,

I wasn’t completely surprised when my Paraguayan host brother told me the name of his one month old baby. I am now the proud uncle of Alanis Morissette Medina. Let’s just say I’ve got one hand in my pocket, and the other one is slapping my forehead. I guess they are pretty big fans, despite not actually knowing what all those lyrics mean. Isn’t that ironic? Don’t you think?

Wow. I’m dying to know what other names he’s heard down there.

Huge List of Anagram Baby Names

anagram baby names

Looking for baby names with something in common? Perhaps for a set of twins or triplets? I’ve collected hundreds of anagram baby names for you.

2-Letter Anagram Baby Names

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4-Letter Anagram Baby Names

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10-Letter Anagram Baby Names

If you like the idea of anagrams but want to avoid sound-alike sets, I recommend anagrams with different numbers of syllables. Pairs like “Etta and Tate” and “Clay and Lacy” are a far more subtle than pairs like “Enzo and Zeno” and “Mary and Myra.”

(Here are some palindromic names from last month.)