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The Baby Name Alethea

Jodie Foster as Alethea
Jodie Foster as Alethea on Kung Fu
I recently noticed something interesting about the name Aletheia and the related names Alethia and Alethea.

In 1973, not only did the name Aletheia (Greek for “truth”) debut on the SSA’s baby name list, but Alethia and (especially) Alethea saw spikes in usage.

What caused this sudden interest?

Jodie Foster, actually.

In March of that year, a 10-year-old Jodie Foster guest-starred as a character named Alethea Patricia Ingram on an episode of the TV show Kung Fu.

The theme of truth is prevalent throughout the episode, which itself was called “Alethea.”

[Update: Re-discovered Abby’s comment about this very thing long after I wrote this post! Funny.)